Public Beta Map has Launched!

A critical chapter in the history of our nation is currently being written. This project aims to map the networks of actors holding the pens. As our country transitions to new leadership, resistance is bubbling up from students, young people, LGBTQ, black, Latino and Asian people—immigrants in particular, and many other groups. Whether these groups unite or fight amongst each other is the essential question of participatory democratic action and movement building. The networks we are mapping will help to determine to what extent the conditions required for democracy can be preserved by the work of organizers on the ground. To the balance of this pivotal moment, we add our commitment to understand, document and distribute knowledge about the movements being built, beginning by mapping the pockets of resistance that are springing up in unexpected places. We hope you'll join us. Click "Add to the Map" to get started.

We are particularly interested in highlighting groups that are led by members of the constituencies they attempt to serve, so-called "self-led resistance", as well as groups that are actively mobilizing people, but flying under the typical DC-based radar.

This is a project of the MIT Community Innovators Lab, with knowledge sourced from a crowd of engaged citizens. 

If you want to contact us securely, you can text us at the number below on Signal or WhatsApp (Please see here for additional security with WhatsApp). Feel free to encrypt an email and attach your public key. If you're new to encryption, we recommend trying Signal App. 

Phone/Signal/WhatsApp: 617-684-5017